Cost for tar driveway in South Africa

South African homeowners may consider tar driveways. South Africans like tar driveways for their longevity, cheap maintenance, and aesthetics. Cost for tar driveway in South Africa.

In this post, we’ll examine the cost of tar driveways in South Africa, their benefits, how to hire a contractor, and maintenance suggestions.

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Factors that Affect the Cost of Tar Driveways in South Africa

South African tar driveways cost differently depending on numerous reasons.

  • These include driveway size and shape, soil, and topography, material quality, preparation work, and labor costs.
  • Larger driveways cost extra. Sloped or uneven driveways take more preparation and may cost extra.

Average Cost of Tar Driveways in South Africa

  • South African tar driveways cost per square meter. R70–R120 per square meter is typical.
  • However, cost depends on the aforesaid aspects.
  • Tar driveways are inexpensive and low-maintenance.

Benefits of Tar Driveways

Tar driveways are beneficial.

  • First, tar driveways last long. They don’t crack under large automobiles or foot activity.
  • Tar driveways need only occasional sweeping and cleaning.
  • They are helpful for busy homeowners who wish to spend less time maintaining their driveways.
  • Tar driveways look good and boost curb appeal. You can match your home’s style with their variety of colors and textures. Finally, a tar driveway increases home value.

Choosing the Right Contractor for Your Tar Driveway

To ensure a quality tar driveway, use the right contractor.

  • Compare contractors, check accreditation and insurance, ask for references and work examples, and get a full written quote.
  • Ask inquiries and address concerns before employing a contractor.

Maintenance Tips for Tar Driveways

There are a few techniques to maintain tar driveways.

  • Sweeping your driveway regularly prevents dirt and debris from damaging it.
  • To prevent damage, patch cracks and potholes immediately.
  • Finally, seal your driveway every few years to prevent water and UV damage.


Tar driveways are inexpensive, resilient, and low-maintenance.

  • Tar driveways can boost house value and save money over time.
  • Research and get quotes before hiring a contractor. Finally, maintain your tar driveway with our advice.

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