Cost of tarring a driveway in South Africa

Tarring a driveway improves a property’s appearance and functionality. South Africa’s driveway tarring costs vary depending on numerous factors. Cost of tarring a driveway in South Africa.

This article discusses the elements that determine driveway tarring costs and how to calculate the average cost. We will also provide driveway tarring cost-saving tips.

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Factors affecting the cost of tarring a driveway

Several things affect South African driveway tarring costs. Tarring a driveway’s cost depends on its size and intricacy, the type of tar used, the quality of the existing surface, the site’s accessibility, and labor costs.

  • Driveway Size/Complexity. Tarring costs depend mostly on driveway size. Tarring greater areas requires more materials and manpower. The driveway’s slopes and curves might further boost tarring costs.
  • Tar Type. Driveway tarring costs also depend on the tar utilized. Hot, warm, and cold mix asphalt cost differently. Hot mix asphalt costs the most.
  • Surface Condition. Tarring a driveway also depends on its condition. Before tarring, a bad surface will need more preparation. Remove garbage, patch potholes, and compact the surface.
  • Site Access. Driveway tarring costs can also depend on site accessibility. If the site is hard to reach, like on a steep slope, more equipment and people may be needed, raising the cost.
  • Labor Cost. Labor also affects driveway tarring costs. Labor increases cost. Location, experience, and job complexity affect labor hourly rates.

Calculating the cost of tarring a driveway

Tarring a driveway requires calculating per-square-meter charges, VAT, and other taxes.

  • Tar kind and surface quality determine cost per square meter.
  • Rental, preparation, and labor expenses may apply.
  • Finally, VAT and other taxes may apply.

Average cost of tarring a driveway in South Africa

  • South African driveway tarring costs R70–R150 per square meter.
  • Costs vary by geography and driveway size.
  • In Johannesburg, tarring a 50-square-meter driveway costs R3,500–R7,500, whereas in Cape Town, it costs R4,500–R10,000.

Saving money on tarring a driveway

  • DIY options, contractor negotiations, cheaper tar options, and maintenance advice help save money on driveway tarring.
  • DIY methods may need cleaning and fixing potholes. Contractor negotiations may include negotiating hourly labor rates or discounts.
  • Tarring a driveway with cheaper tar can also save money. However, cheaper tar may last less and require more care.
  • Maintenance can extend tar’s lifespan, saving you money. Regular driveway cleaning, fixing cracks and potholes, and sealing can help preserve the tar.


Tarring a driveway improves property value and aesthetics.

  • The size and complexity of the driveway, the type of tar used, the quality of the existing surface, the accessibility of the site, and the cost of labor all affect the cost of tarring a driveway in South Africa.
  • To budget for tarring a driveway, consider these elements and compute the average cost. Negotiating with contractors, choosing a cheaper tar, and following maintenance suggestions can also lower driveway tarring costs.
  • These suggestions will help you make an informed decision and enjoy the benefits of a well-tarred driveway for years to come.

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