Cost to tar driveway in South Africa

Tar is a great driveway material because of its durability and price. Tar driveways in South Africa vary in price. Cost to tar driveway in South Africa.

This article discusses the elements impacting the cost of tar driveways in South Africa, the cost breakdown, the pros and drawbacks, suggestions for hiring a contractor, and maintenance and repair.

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Factors Affecting the Cost of Tar Driveways in South Africa

The size and design of the driveway, site preparation and excavation, quality of materials, labor costs, and additional features all affect the cost of tar driveways in South Africa.

  • A complex driveway with more materials and labor will cost more.
  • Site preparation and excavation, such as removing concrete or trees, will increase costs.
  • The driveway’s durability will depend on the contractor’s experience and location, and materials will effect pricing.
  • Edging and drainage add cost.

Cost Breakdown of Tar Driveways in South Africa

Tar driveways in South Africa have multiple expenses.

  • First, tar, stone, and sand prices vary on the driveway’s size and quality.
  • Second, the contractor’s hourly rate and quantity of workers determine labor costs.
  • Equipment hire, site preparation, edging, and drainage are additional charges.
  • A conventional 40m2 driveway costs R8000–R16000, with a square meter costing R200–R400.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tar Driveways

  • Tar driveways are durable, inexpensive, and can handle heavy traffic.
  • Tar driveways are also easy to repair.
  • Sunlight and oil spills can cause cracking and fading.

Tips for Choosing a Tar Driveway Contractor in South Africa

To get high-quality work and supplies, hire a reliable contractor.

  • Check references and internet reviews before selecting a contractor.
  • Insure and license the contractor.
  • Compare quotes that contain a breakdown of expenses and materials.

Maintenance and Repair of Tar Driveways

  • Sealing and cleaning tar driveways can extend their lifespan.
  • For serious repairs, it’s essential to call a professional. Maintenance and repair costs vary on driveway size and condition.


South African tar driveways pricing depends on many things.

  • Materials, labor, and extras must be considered.
  • Tar driveways are inexpensive and durable.
  • Choosing a contractor and maintaining the driveway can make it last for years.

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