Driveway Tar Cost in South Africa

Homes need driveways. It gives vehicle access, improves property appearance, and raises its value. South Africa uses driveway tar for its durability and aesthetics. However, individuals planning to put driveway tar must know the cost. Driveway Tar Cost in South Africa.

This page discusses the elements that determine driveway tar cost in South Africa, how to estimate cost, and the pros and cons of using it.

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Factors that Affect Driveway Tar Cost in South Africa

The size of the driveway, the type of asphalt used, the location, the cost of labor, and the cost of maintenance and repair all affect the price of driveway tar.

  • Larger driveways demand more materials and work, increasing expenses.
  • Hot mix versus cold mix asphalt affects pricing.
  • The driveway’s location—urban or rural—can affect pricing.
  • Installation complexity, contractor experience, and property location affect labor cost.
  • Finally, driveway tar installation must include maintenance and repair costs.

Average Cost of Driveway Tar in South Africa

  • South African driveway tar costs R150–R200 per square meter.
  • Location, driveway size, and asphalt type affect cost.
  • Due to greater living costs, urban locations may cost more than rural areas.
  • Hot mix asphalt costs more than cold mix asphalt, which increases the cost.
  • Driveway tar is cheaper than concrete or gravel.

How to Estimate Driveway Tar Cost

Installing driveway tar requires an estimate to plan and budget.

  • Driveway size determines material needs.
  • A 60-square-meter driveway takes four to six tons of asphalt. The labor cost relies on the installation’s intricacy and the contractor’s experience.
  • Finally, reuse materials and choose a local contractor to cut costs.

Benefits of Using Driveway Tar

Driveway tar is durable, long-lasting, and attractive.

  • Long-term cost savings come from its resistance to wear, cracking, and fading.
  • Driveway tar increases property value and curb appeal. It also has low maintenance costs.

Drawbacks of Using Driveway Tar

Driveway tar has some drawbacks.

  • Installing can be expensive, making it hard for budget-conscious households.
  • Heavy rain and heat can harm driveway tar.
  • Finally, fixing driveway tar can be costly and complicated.


South Africa uses driveway tar for its durability and aesthetics. Homeowners installing driveway tar must understand the cost variables, average installation cost, how to estimate the cost, and the pros and cons. These characteristics help homeowners plan and budget.

  • Due to its durability, endurance, and aesthetic appeal, driveway tar is a great paving material for driveways.
  • However, installation costs vary depending on driveway size, asphalt type, location, labor cost, and maintenance and repair costs.
  • Before installing driveway tar, homeowners should analyze costs and weigh pros and cons. By doing so, customers may make an informed selection and choose a cost-effective, durable driveway solution.

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