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Double garage door specialists for all garage doors in Gauteng.

For many years, we have built an empire, building stunning doors for everyone.

We know you clicked on our site because you are shopping for a reliable service.  Including quality products.

GREAT!  Let’s get started.

Firstly, whether you need barrier protection for your home or work we have just what you need.

Secondly, there is no need to look anywhere else.  You wanted the best.  Well, you found the best.

Thirdly, whatever type of garage door you are on the hunt for we can assist you with.

Fourthly, if you need proof an accreditation, we have all the documents to prove it.

While we offer superior products we also offer even better service.  As a result, our work is guaranteed.

So, what do you need?  Industrial roll-up garage doors or a single garage door for your one-bedroom home?  Any two of these needs we can solve for you.

Our products range in various materials and colours.  As well as styles of opening and closing.  Including business owners or shop owners.  Well then, that covers every kind of requirement necessary.

Even for large developments like townhouse complexes.  This kind of project needs everything to look the same.  Therefore large quantities of the same are necessary.  And that is no problem at all for us.

Otherwise, for smaller projects, all you may need is one standard garage door.  Again, we are happy to assist you with this too.

However, what if you have a specific taste and want a custom-built garage door?  For instance, a garage door with tinted windows.  Once more, we are happy to help you with the best design.

Double garage door

Industrial double garage door

Your needs may be for an industrial double garage door.  Like, heavy steel garage doors.  Roller shutter doors may be the answer for you.  As there is a lot of variations to choose from we can assist you with the best option.

Because we want to keep criminals out these doors provide barrier protection for factories and shop fronts.

Apart from being large or small, garage doors are available in either wood or steel.  Even aluminium is cost-effective.

Depending on what you prefer the doors can be fitted with automation.

The doors can even be painted to suit the design of your home.  Paint types and prices vary.  So contact us for more information.

Every quotation is different, therefore we offer free quotes specific to you.

Talk to our consultants now about any questions you may have today.

Professional installations

You undoubtedly need your new double garage door to be installed.  Along with our products is our professional installations.

First, the result of what we do is important to us.  So we make every effort to finish projects with a stamp of approval.

First and foremost, we make every effort to deliver what we promise.

Second of all, our brands and materials are A-grade.  With popular brands in stock, we know we offer the best.  Like top-quality garage door motors.

Thirdly, our team is made up of loyal and trustworthy workers.

This, therefore, is every reason to choose our services.

The right type of garage door

The right kind of double garage door is important.

Because we have many years of experience we know what works.  On the contrary, you may find it difficult to visualize what you need.  Let us come up with a design proposal for custom designs.  It leaves us with all the hard work which we love.

With what you would like in mind we know the final product must be attractive and protective.  Most importantly the end product needs to last a long time.

Along with all the proper safety measures and building requirements we have got it all covered.

Last but not least, our main aim is for customers to be happy with results and our service.

So whatever double garage doors you choose.  Choose them with us.

Double garage door


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