Aluminium garage doors, durable and lasting barrier protection.

For well over 50 years, aluminium has been a trusted material for doors, frames, and even airplane parts.  And those are to name just a few.

Aluminium garage doors, durable and lasting barrier protection

Aluminium is a low-maintenance metal and it is lightweight too.  So, what would be better than a garage door from this hard-wearing material?

Not only is it rust-resistant it is highly flexible.  Again, another advantage for using it as a door for a garage.  In case you were wondering it is also a recyclable metal.

Comparable to other materials like heavy steel and wood which need regular maintenance.  It still comes out on top as the better choice.

Because it is lightweight it also means there is less strain on other garage door parts.  Like the springs.  If the door is motorized it helps the longevity of the motor too.

With that all said, we are proud to provide our customers with the highest-quality aluminium.

What else do we offer?

First, we offer a service above the rest.  Like with our materials so too we have a great and strong team.  Hard-working individuals who are qualified and certified in what they do.

Second, to note is our efficiency and fast service.

Third, on the list of great services is our affordable rates.

Finally, our service goes beyond the sale.  We offer guarantees on all our finished work.

We fit residential garage doors, in addition, we install factory roller doors.  As well as shop front shutter doors.

The products we have, range in colour and size.  We even offer custom-built garage doors.

Choose from various opening styles like an up and over door or sliding door.

Aluminium garage doors

Invest in aluminium garage doors

Invest in aluminium garage doors.These doors are stylish and modern.  As well as practical and user-friendly.  So light even a child can open these doors.

Not only are the garage doors great for the coastal regions like KZN or Cape Town.  But they are also great even inland like Gauteng.

As they are also a cost-effective solution, they are perfect as double garage doors too.

Even better they work perfectly on manual or with automation.

Furthermore, the doors are very easy to clean and need little to no maintenance at all.

Talk to us now.  Send us a WhatsApp to the number provided. Then a consultant will get back to you soon.

A-grade products

We are unquestionably an A-grade company.  All our products including aluminium garage doors are quality brands.

It goes without saying that, results are important to us.  Therefore every effort is taken to complete projects on time.  Especially correctly and with precision.

Our word is our promise, if we agree to can execute a job, then there is no doubt we will.

As quality products and materials are essential we only use the best.  Because this gives us peace of mind knowing every part of your garage door is reliable.

A team of professionals

Hire a team of professionals to install aluminium garage doors today.

Above all, our crew is dependable and trustworthy.  Plus, because of our years of experience, you are guaranteed satisfaction.

Unlike standard garage doors, a lot of clients like custom looks.  With this in mind, you can depend on our design team to be innovative and creative.

We want to work with you for a result you have in mind.

On the contrary, if you prefer wooden garage doors or steel, these options are available too.

Differing from each other all these materials and styles will have different results.

But the one result that remains the same is excellence.

As we are service orientated and want our clients to be happy.  We give 100% to everything we do.

So whether you want an aluminium garage door or steel roller door.  WE HAVE THE SOLUTION FOR YOU!

Whether the project is big or small we are here to make life easier for you.

Aluminium garage doors


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