Garage door motors, manage access control with automation.

Are you sick of bending over to lift that garage door?  Would you prefer better security for your home or business?

Whether you are building a new garage or you would like to refurbish old garage doors.  We can install a motor for easy access.

Not only is it affordable but, it is also a safer option for you.  Like for a gate, these devices work similarly.  Differing from a gate motor that swings a gate open.  A garage motor lifts the door up.

Garage door motors, manage access control with automation

A residential motor for a garage in comparison is more compact than an industrial one.  Therefore, prices will differ so we would need to quote you according to the specifications.

Because some garage doors may be lighter it may only need a small motor.  But if you are not sure there is no need to worry.  We can help you make the right choice.

Together with our service skills, your home or business will be fitted with a new device in a day.

Aside from our affordable range of wooden, steel, or aluminium garage doors.  Is our range of automation technology.

Like well-known brands such as Centurion or E.T. systems.  As these machines are quiet and trustworthy your investment will be worthwhile.

Each one has its specifications.  For example, some are smarter than others with new technology.

Those are not the only brands we have.  We also have Gemini and Alpha-pro.  As every product is different prices vary from time to time.

Contact us for garage motors for sale and our latest package prices on offer.

Consider automation for your business and home.  Because it offers better security.  Motors also help for heavier doors like industrial factory doors.

Garage door motors

High-quality garage door motors

Invest in high-quality garage door motors.

Select from various designs like DC Blue advanced.  As it offers technology like automatic closing time.

Because you may tend to get busy trying to get kids out of the car.

It may be better to have a device that will close at a set time.

Alternatively, you may be forgetful, because of this, it would work best for you.

Not only does it have that but also a safety beam input.  So that the door won’t close on anyone or objects like cars.

Then there is the Centurion SD04.  With a reliable and strong motor, it also has battery-driven power that is always on.  So no worries when there is a power failure.

Why not turn your manual garage door into an automatic one.

As technology grows so do the products we now offer.  You have a great selection to choose from.

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Or call today and choose the brand you prefer.

Quality guaranteed

Our garage door motors are quality guaranteed.

Without a doubt, one of our biggest achievements is our longevity in the industry.  Because for 20 years we have successfully kept our customers happy.

Along with great products, it is essential to have great service.  And that is what we offer.

Furthermore, we constantly make sure our team is up-to-date on training.

Including keeping our services certified and approved.  We are a recognized supplier in South Africa.

Other services

We also offer other services.  Aside from garage door motors, you can rely on us for garage door installations too.  The two work hand in hand.

With that, we can offer you full garage package deals.

For example, maybe you would like an aluminium garage door.

In addition, you would like it powder-coat painted red.

Moreover, perhaps you need double garage doors that are custom-built.  We can do that too.

Or you want an industrial roll-up door for your factory.  Even still we can assist you with all the above and more.

In conclusion, we are your one-stop garage door motor shop.

Contact us for more information and friendly advice.

Garage door motors


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