Excellent perimeter security fencing

Palisade steel fencing, excellent perimeter security fencing.  As crime increases, we need to be on top of security.  This means homes and businesses to make sure properties are more secure.  Along with security gates like palisade gates.  Fencing has become a much better option instead of walls.

Firstly, because the cost is cheaper.  Because unlike with walls there is no need to build heavy foundations.  As well as that walls take longer to construct.

Secondly, galvanized steel is rust-resistant this makes having a palisade much less maintenance than having a wall.

Thirdly, for security reasons, being able to see into the property before entering is much safer.  It also helps security companies when patrolling.  As they can see easier into premises.

Palisade steel fencing
Palisade  fencing

The local palisade steel fencing professionals

The local palisade steel fencing professionals are here.  For more than 20 years we have erected well over a thousand strong and lasting palisades.

In addition, is our years of experience and our educated knowledge.  Our teams are always up to speed with new ways and technology to install fencing.  Plus the added advantage is we manufacture and supply the best steel fencing in South Africa.

We know that when it comes to palisade steel fencing every person has a different taste.  With that said, we offer a personalized service that helps you decide what will be best.

As there are various options on the design of fences.  We will come to you and discuss the outcome and security requirements you have in mind.

Like the anti-climb security fence option.  This look is quite different from the standard palisade.  But is fast becoming the perfect perimeter protection for businesses and shopping centers.

Industrial properties and farms normally suit the more robust-looking designs.  We will help you settle on a plan of action.

Contact us now for our installation prices and palisade prices.

Palisade steel fencing

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