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Palsade, safe and secure properties with a rust-resistant palisade.  As the leading manufacturers and suppliers of quality products.  For more than twenty years we have been making sure premises are secure.

Our brand is the trusted fencing solution.  We can proudly say that our team beats any palisade fencing suppliers.  Because we maintain a dependable company ethic.

We supply higher-grade barrier fences.  Not just for the corporate and private premises.  But also for farmers and agricultural holdings.

When you invest in our fences you invest in quality.  As we always guarantee our supplies.  Including this, if you choose us as your preferred installer.  We also assure you of our quality installation methods.

Talk to our consultants now about new fences.  Or upgrades to old fences.


Buy the best in South Africa – Best installation Rates

Buy the best palsade in South Africa.  There is no doubt in our minds that we can offer you a committed team.  From our supplies department.  To our installer specialists.  We are organized and the process of installing methods is fast.

For instance, perhaps you need a palsade to be erected around a shopping center.  Well, our crew is big enough to complete that task in no time.  Our fast service and affordable rates.  Make us a competitive company.

The reason we stand out from the rest.  is our desire to do the best in what we offer.  When you choose galvanized steel fencing it is the best decision you will ever make.

Because the robust finish is the perfect security barrier you can get.  Not only are there various options like anti-climb fences.  But there is also fencing known as a clear view.  This ensures high protection for properties.

Otherwise, why not choose a vertical palisading with strong spikes as a finish.

Whatever, the fence need and whatever the size we have got it covered.



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