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Precast walling prices, the cost of manufacturing and supplying a precast wall are affected by several factors.

Firstly, the size and secondly the design of the wall, and lastly accessibility for the installation of the wall.

The size of the wall, the bigger the project or length of the wall, will take longer to complete, discount can be given for large projects.

A more complicated design will affect the cost. The curing of the slabs in the factory will take longer as more detail is involved. We manufacture precast concrete walling panels in our factory this fact ensures quality and uniformity.

However precast walls are still the most cost-effective choice of boundary walling. The wall can be erected in one day supplying instant privacy and security. 

Precast walling prices

A low-cost option for safety and security try precast walling prices.

Are you looking for a low-cost option for safety and security? precast walling prices is the answer to your problem.

We offer a quick solution for your safety and security needs.

To improve the security of your wall you can take added measures to install razor wire, razor fencing, or spikes on top of your wall.

You can also add anti-climb wall spikes to your wall for protecting your property.

The panels of the wall are also exceptionally strong 20 MPa in strength. The walling is virtually maintenance-free. It is also suitable for all types of weather conditions.

Exceptional designs and quality.

Our designs are both practical and beautiful. You will surely find a design to fit your pocket and property.

Not only do our designs and products serve boundary walls, but it is also suitable for building outside rooms. All our products carry a guarantee on the product as well as the workmanship.

Contact us for a precast walling price and you will be surprised at our low prices.

Precast walling price
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