Firstly, if a borehole pump in Cape Town breaks it is very important to get the right people to repair it for you. Pumps Cape Town has well-qualified staff that can assist in this, making sure that your borehole pump is repaired in no time. Moreover, our staff at Pumps Cape Town are professional and we care about the customer, ensuring that there is a great line of communication.

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Message us for the best deals in Cape Town on pumps, pump installation and pump repairs. If you need to drill for a borehole, we can help too!

Borehole Pump Repairs

Secondly, borehole pumps, like anything, can break, and if it does, we are there to help you! Our qualified staff and technicians have fixed hundreds of borehole pumps and therefore are highly qualified to fix broken pumps as quickly as possible.

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Borehole Pump Prices

Furthermore, borehole pumps can be expensive but at Pumps Cape Town we offer a wide variety of borehole pumps, so that you, the customer can get the borehole pump that is right for you. Also, we have amazing prices ensuring that the customer can get not only what he/she needs. But also what he/she can afford.

Borehole Pumps for Sale

Along with the amazing services we have on offer, we also sell borehole pumps. This is ideal because we can customize the customer’s wants and desires by having a wide variety of pumps for sale. Pumps Cape Town is your one-stop shop, making it easier for you and us.

Borehole Pump Installation

Moreover, whether you bought your borehole pump from us or elsewhere, we can do the installation for you! We know that DIY is a trend, but more often than not, something doesn’t go as planned. So, let’s avoid that situation by hiring one of our professionals to do the installation for you!

Pumps We Have on Offer

Submersible borehole pumps

Thirdly, these pumps are submersible, meaning that these pumps are made to stay underwater.

Franklin borehole pumps

Franklin is one of our top borehole pump sellers, offering high-quality pumps for a wide variety of uses.

Borehole water pumps for sale

These pumps are high-performance pumps and great value for money. The customer can buy pumps based on the quality, brand, and what they can afford.

Dab borehole pumps

Finally, at Borehole Pumps Pretoria, we sell a wide variety of pumps, including the amazing brand Dab- ensuring affordable quality pumps.

1.1 kW borehole pump

We also have a great variety of 1.1kw submersible pumps are. These pumps release a great amount of energy.

Hurricane borehole pumps

Hurricane pumps is an amazing brand that we love to use, they have a variety of pumps and many accessories.

Borehole Mono Pumps

Furthermore, these pumps are stronger borehole pumps that have been used for farmers and villages for many years.

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