Roof repairs Durban, cost of roof repair for all types of repairs.

Roof repairs Durban there are several factors to take into consideration when adding the cost of roof repairs.

Firstly, a leaking roof versus a damaged roof. Secondly the size of the roof that needs repairs. Thirdly the type of roof, a flat roof, pitched roof.

Lastly, the material used for the roof, tiles, steel, IBR and slate.

As soon as we received your call, we will send out an assessor for an estimate. Once the estimate is received, we will get the quote ready for you.

Our prices are market-related, and we compare well with other roof repairs in Durban, you will be surprised at our prices. We also offer special discounts if you approve the quote within 24 hours.

For further peace of mind, we are a member of the Damp proofing and Waterproofing Association of South Africa as well as the Master Builders Association in Gauteng.

If you have homeowners’ insurance, we also issue Waterproofing and Roof Repair Guarantee Certificates to you for submission when you apply for homeowner’s insurance.

Roof repairs Durban
Roof repairs

Roof repairs Durban for repairs of steel, tile, and flat roofs.

We at Roof repairs Durban are the best company for repairing your roof, no job is too big or too small for us.

Our repair teams are well qualified and have several years ‘experience in roof repairs and our work carries a guarantee.

Steel roof repairs for leaking or damage by removal of rust, replacing screws, riveting of overlapping sheets as well as replacing of IBR sheeting.

Repairing tile roofs by replacing broken tiles as well as waterproofing the flashing, valleys, and parapets.

Leaking flat roofs are treated with a torch on Bitumen and an aluminium reflective paint.

The products that we use are all SABS-approved products. You must service your roof every 2 years.

Roof painting and damp proofing.

Roof repairs are a company that supplies diverse services we are also experts at roof painting and damp proofing.

We do extensive damp proofing for rising damp and only use the best products available.

The paint used for the roof have a high UV resistance and heat-reducing abilities.

It is also waterproof, flexible, and got excellent bonding capabilities as well as a long-life span and are maintenance free.

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Roof repairs Durban