Firstly, Rubberised waterproofing is one of the best ways to waterproof. Our Waterproofing company offer this option. There are several different methods to address your roof waterproofing problems. Waterproofing can be expensive if not continuously maintained.

Rubberised waterproofing

Expert Waterproofers

Repairing your leaking roof, our waterproofing contractors have approved users of bitumen waterproofing or torch-on waterproofing.


Rubberised waterproofing we provide the best products and services for the job.

Secondly, we provide the best products and services for the job by providing the best waterproof paints. Roofs come in all different kinds of shapes and sizes and are made of different materials. Furthermore, our waterproofing company specializes, in flat roof waterproofing and roof repairs.

Torchon membrane waterproofing is often used for flat roofs. Torchon membrane waterproofing contains Bitumen and is relatively inexpensive, and durable.

Moreover, great news we use Sika waterproofing, an exciting and trustworthy product for below and above-ground waterproofing. We specialize in foundation waterproofing; we can do waterproofing when the foundation is laid. Proper Foundation treatment prevents rising dampness in the future.
Wall waterproofing is important, especially in basement walls. So, call us to assist.

damp proofing

Our services include damp proofing and roof repairs.

Finally, our services include damp proofing and roof repairs. Do contact Rubberised waterproofing for assistance. Do you have a problem with rising dampness? We can help you with damp proofing to repair the wall and apply a wall coating.
Additionally, looking for a new affordable look in the office or at home? So, try us for a new PVC ceiling for that special trendy look. We offer a large variety of ceilings and different prices for our PVC ceiling.
For future wall and roof repair, our painter can apply roof and wall coating, this application will prevent future problems with dampness and a leaking roof.
Also, we repair all different types of roofs no roof repair is too big for us. We also do structural repairs on damaged roofs.

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