Firstly, damp or moisture is the biggest enemy of homeowners in South Africa. Over a long time, damp wreaks havoc with the property’s structure, lowering the value and decreasing its visual appeal. It also poses a danger to the health of human beings living inside because of mould. However, you need not worry when Rubber Waterproofing is available. WhatsApp our expert waterproofers for the best deal on rubber waterproofing.

Rubber Waterproofing

Rubber Waterproofing – Expert Waterproofers

Rubber Waterproofing is the answer!It has helped dozens of homeowners and commercial property owners get rid of the problem of rising damp from their structures. We know the art and craft of damp proofing walls, having researched this field for a long time.  Our masons and engineers ensure that moisture does not return to trouble the client long after we have performed our treatment.

Damp coursing with damp proof membrane – Rubber Waterproofing

Secondly, our engineers apply many different damp coursing methods after assessing the condition of moisture in the client’s property. One of these is the damp coursing membrane in which a material is injected inside the wall to prevent moisture transmission.

damp solutions

The most common method of damp coursing is the use of polyethylene sheeting injected underneath the concrete foundation. It stops moisture from rising because of capillary action. Many companies carry out damp proofing for their clients. But rising damp solutions provided by Rubber Waterproofing are the most popular among the town residents.

The most durable damp coursing in town

Getting rid of damp from a structure proves challenging for most contractors. With Rubber Waterproofing, our team of engineers closely inspects the client’s property to get down to the root cause of the problem. Moisture in the ceiling results from leakage from the roof and can be dealt with through roof repair. Of course, we carry out ceiling repairs to clean up the mess. But it is an effective roof repair that makes sure the client does not face moisture again.

durable damp coursing

It is dampness in the walls and floors that is a more serious issue for the engineers at Rubber Waterproofing. The moisture results from capillary action and the root cause are not in the structure. But either inadequate drainage or leakage in underground pipes.

At Rubber Waterproofing, we know that the success of rising damp treatment depends upon whether the root cause of the problem has been identified or not. It is this reason why our rising damp treatment lasts for a very long time to come.

Customized and cost-effective Damp-proof coursing

Finally, when you choose Rubber Waterproofing, you can rest assured that you will get a permanent solution. For damping in your property. We are regarded as damp-proof specialists, and we try to live up to our reputation as far as possible.
Our  Waterproofing provides many other services that are high quality and reasonably priced. They include painter, drywall, construction, and roof coating.