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Firstly, moisture or dampness in your home not only looks ugly in the form of peeled-off paint. But also poses the danger of structural damage to your property. If you see signs of damp in the ceiling or the walls of your home. It is high time you take corrective action to get rid of this moisture. Welcome to Damp Proofing Cape Town, the original and most experienced damp proofing specialist in town.

Damp proofing Cape Town

Remove Damp Services: Damp Proofing Cape Town

Moreover, with years of experience behind us. We can help you get rid of all kinds of damp issues on your property. Our rising damp treatment is regarded as highly effective by our customers. Hiding rising damp proves futile as moisture continues to rise and ultimately requires a huge expenditure on its solution.

Damp coursing as a barrier @ Damp proofing Cape Town

Secondly, if your home is made over a surface that remains inherently damp all the time, you will always face the issue of rising damp. People living near a water body also experience this problem. Waterproof paint can only resist moisture for some time, but even it gives way and develops cracks. At Damp proofing Cape Town, we have many different products and techniques to solve rising damp.

Damp proofing in Cape Town

Damp coursing is a technique that creates a natural barrier in front of moisture that tends to keep rising because of capillary action.

Damp proofing walls in all kinds of properties

If you own a luxury property and show signs of moisture in its walls and ceilings, it can be a bad sign for your investment. All your investment comes to naught, and buyers stay away from the property when they see moisture inside the home. However, there is no need to worry as Damp proofing Cape Town has tailor-made and cost-effective rising damp solutions for your property.
Dampness in commercial properties like hotels and guest houses can force your customers to stay away. Cosmetic solutions to this problem are not long-lasting, and your money ultimately goes to waste. This is why builders use a damp-proof membrane like a polyurethane sheet to prevent moisture through capillary action in the future. At Damp proofing Cape Town, we have experienced masons who place a damp proof membrane during ceiling repairs.

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Damp-proof your rising damp

Finally, if you are troubled by rising damp, your problem can be solved by placing a damp-proof course in the basement level. This damp-proof coursing serves as a barrier to the moisture that rises because of capillary action. It prevents moisture on the walls and floor of your home. Our experts carry out damp wall treatment with the help of damp proof membrane very easily.
While Damp proofing Cape Town has become synonymous with waterproofing, we provide many other services to our customers in Cape Town. These include roof repair, drywall, painter, construction, flooring, and roof coating.