Swimming Pool Service, pool services for private and public facilities.  Come to the best in Gauteng for the lowest pool pump repair prices and swimming pool prices around.  Before you search anywhere else and waste time.  We can assure you of our quality pool pump supplies.  We only supply the best there is.

Swimming Pool Service

24/7 Swimming Pool Service

Not only do we offer swimming pool maintenance but also swimming pool repairs.
We make your swimming pools cleaning easier.  So, speak to us today about our affordable services and supplies.

Pool Renovations

Ask for Swimming Pool Renovations from Swimming Pool Service.

So you constantly struggle with green pool water.  On the other hand, you need to replace the sand in the pool filter.  So, call us right now we can help you.  Pool filter sand and pool pump prices are affordable, available, and in stock.

Swimming Pool Services

Alternatively, we also have a swimming pool pump repair service.

Losing water fast in your pool?  There is more than likely a crack.  We can assess damages to your pool and perform pool leak repairs.  Whether it is fiberglass pool repairs or marbelite pool crack repair maintenance you need.  We can assist you immediately.

With this all said, we can assist you even if you want a new swimming pool installation.  Let us design a pool for you. So, ask us today about our affordable prices on pool heating and swimming pool construction.

Swimming Pool

You can trust us at Swimming Pools for all outdoor services

Come to Swimming Pool Service.  You can trust us for all outdoor services.
For one thing, we can design lovely landscaping and keep your garden tidy.  We can also install irrigation systems large or small.
Finally, we are not only pool repair experts.  You can also rely on us for good borehole repair and maintenance work.

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