Firstly, it can be depressing to see signs of moisture in your home. These signs are visible in the form of spots on ceilings and walls. There could also be a cold and wet feeling coming to mind as one walks barefoot on the floor of his house. Never ignore these warning signs. If you avoid taking corrective action, it could lead to health problems for your loved ones. Welcome to waterproofing experts. We are the most popular and loved dealer selling waterproofing solutions to its customers in town.

Waterproofing experts

We are your Waterproofing experts!

Some homeowners wrongly go for a painting exercise thinking moisture signs can be hidden with the help of a fresh coat of paint. It is folly as the paint starts to peel off, creating a very ugly scene for your guests. Only damp proof specialists can help you in such a situation. Just give waterproofing experts a call, and you can breathe easily.

The technique of damp proofing walls

Secondly, the problem of moisture is the most common problem reported by homeowners across Johannesburg. It is a problem that cannot be overcome through cosmetic measures. As waterproofing experts, we have masons and engineers having complete knowledge about damp proofing walls. Also, it is a technique that controls moisture and does not allow it to spread to other areas in the interiors.

damp proofing walls

Furthermore, Waterproofing experts are different and customized according to the severity of the moisture issue on the premises of the customer.

Get a permanent and cost-effective rising damp treatment

Thirdly, rising damp is another big problem for the owners of homes and commercial properties in Johannesburg. It is a result of water getting collected behind the wall plaster or inadequate drainage. In many cases, rising damp is a result of moisture beneath the surface that rises because of capillary action. There is no cosmetic treatment to hide or overcome the problem of rising damp. It can lower the value of your property if you ignore the problem for a long time. But once you call the expert masons of waterproofing experts, you can relax and breathe easily.

We have great rising damp solutions for our customers to give them freedom from moisture forever. Our masons inject silicones into the wall facing the problem of rising damp. This silicone creates an impenetrable barrier for the rising damp, thwarting the rising capillary action to keep the wall free from moisture. Waterproofing  have a long list of happy and satisfied customers who vouch for the efficacy of our rising damp treatment.


Finally, Waterproofing experts have become synonymous with its excellent and cost-effective waterproofing solutions. However, there are many other services that we provide to our customers in Johannesburg. Ceiling repairs and roof repairs are undertaken by us, not just for customers experiencing the problem of damp but also for other customers. We carry out roof coating to save the harmful impact of the elements. You can contact us for high-quality construction and drywalling services. Also, we are also into flooring, and not only install but also repair the flooring on the premises of our clients.