If you are troubled by dampness in your property and came here searching for a waterproofing expert. You are most welcome to Waterproofing Randburg. We can help you in getting rid of persistent moisture issues in the ceiling or walls. We understand everything about moisture, its root causes, and techniques to make a structure moisture-free.

Waterproofing Randburg

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Not for nothing are we the damp-proof specialists. Whether they are homeowners or commercial property owners. Our customers rely on our engineers’ expertise to overcome the problem of damp. Waterproofing Randburg has years of experience serving the residents of the town and its surrounding areas.

You may have lost the fight against moisture, but you can relax and breathe easily after hiring the services of Waterproofing Randburg. We provide rising damp solutions that are customized, cost-effective, and long-lasting.

Damp coursing through a membrane

Rising damp is a big problem that can create ugly walls with peeled-off paint. It can also damage the flooring you have used in the home and cause discomfort while walking on the floor barefoot. At Waterproofing Randburg.

Waterproofing in Randburg

We have a rising damp treatment that solves the problem for a long time to come. It is done with damp proof membrane injected to work as a barrier between the source of moisture and the wall.

Damping in a single home may result from different causes. Our damp-proof specialists carry out a close inspection of the property to identify the problem’s root cause.

They then devise a rising damp treatment that is best suited to the requirements of the structure. If you had tried any other damp expert before and did not get the desired results. You can sit back and relax as Waterproofing Randburg has an impeccable track record.

Damp-proof coursing for moisture removal

Damp-proof coursing is a waterproofing method that is usually applied at the basement level in properties facing the problem of damp. Our experts use all sorts of materials from flexible to rigid to work as a barrier against the moisture source.

Once the damp proof course is applied, it prevents the damp from rising above the ground level. This damp proof coursing carried out by the engineers and masons of Waterproofing Randburg remains in place for a long time to come.


The damp wall treatment is decided based on whether damp is resulting from inadequate drainage or water build-up behind the wall. You need not worry about your house’s condition because of moisture once you have asked for help from Waterproofing Randburg.

The name Waterproofing in Randburg has become synonymous with high-quality service and trust. The company provides many other services to customers in town, including painter, construction, roof repair, ceiling repair, drywall, and roof coating. We are also flooring, and you can call us to install new vinyl or laminate flooring. We also carry out repairs to existing floorings on the premises of our customers.