What is a LNB Cable DStv? [DStv LNB Cable]

Firstly, in any DStv installation, you will need to have an LNB cable DStv. It is essential to link your smart LNB device to other components on the connection. A smart LNB is an arm-like feature on your satellite dish. It is installed after you have finished setting up your DStv dish. Indeed, it helps to transform radio waves into waves your DStv decoder can understand.

LNB cable DStv

What is the purpose of an LNB Cable DStv?

Obviously, once you have set up a smart LNB on your decoder, you will need to transmit its signals to the decoder.  When connected, it will ensure your decoder receives strong signals. This plays a huge role in great picture quality.

This cable is unique, and you need to get it from an accredited DStv installer to ensure you have the right one. Furthermore, its pins are also very delicate.

You have to ensure you make the connections correctly to prevent them from bending since this will render the entire cable useless.

How to connect the LNB Cable for DStv?

How to connect DStv LNB cable is very simple. All you need is basic knowledge of DStv connections. If you have an installation diagram, you can proceed with the LNB connection. On the smart LNB device on your dish, a port marked “LNB.” connects one end of the cable here.

LNB cable DStv

Finally, run the other end of the cable to your decoder and connect it to the port marked “Sat In.” ensure the cable is firmly in place for proper signal transmission to get the best picture quality. Lastly, you are now done with setting up your DStv.

What do you do if your DStv LNB cable is damaged?

Telling whether the LNB cable for DStv is damaged is simple as you only need to check whether there is a proper signal transmission. If your decoder displays any poor signal error messages, check to ensure the cable is not cut at any point.

You should also ensure it is connected to the right ports for it to work.

How to Fix DStv LNB Cable?

There is no point in trying to fix the cable, rather replace it.

  • Buy a new LNB cable for Dstv

How much is a DStv LNB Cable? – DStv LNB Cable Price

The price for a DStv LNB Replacement Kit starts from R299

  • LNB Replacement Kit Includes connectors & 20 Meter Cable
  • Alternatively buy the Coaxial RG6 LNB Cable from only R180

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Who does LNB DStv Installation?

Our DStv Dish installers offer LNB installation anywhere in South Africa. Get the best prices on your LNB installation

  • Gauteng
  • Durban
  • Cape Town
  • Bloemfontein
  • Polokwane
  • Port Elizabeth
  • and more

How many decoders can I connect to a Smart LNB

You can connect one primary and 2 secondary decoders together.

What LNB to use with DStv Explora Decoder?

Use a Smart LNB.

6 Common DStv LNB cable problems you may experience

  1. A dish that is misaligned
  2. Damaged LNB
  3. F-connector plugs that are installed incorrectly
  4. Wrong decoder settings
  5. Incorrect LNB type
  6. Damaged Cables

What is the LNB Cable Price at PEP?

The Replacement kits start from R299

How do I test my LNB cable?

  1. Turn off all power to the DStv System
  2. Check the LNB casing
  3. If the casing is damaged, replace the LNB
  4. Inspect the joints of the cable
  5. Any loose joints, tighten them
  6. If joints are damaged replace the cable
  7. Test using the APP or Signal meter

LNB Cable for Explora – How to connect it?

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