Firstly, many DStv users prefer having an Explora decoder because it offers many connection options. One of the main ways you can connect your DStv decoder is by using an LNB cable for Explora. Secondly, the connection process is simple. You won’t need the help of a technician. If you have the right tools, you can complete the entire setup and connect the LNB cable to your decoder and begin watching.

What is the purpose of an LNB Cable for Explora?

LNB cable for Explora

In every DStv connection, there is a smart LNB device. Indeed, this is a tool that helps to transform radio signals into those your decoder can understand. It is thus important to know how to make the LNB cable for Explora connection correctly.

Mounting your DStv Satellite Dish

The first step in LNB cable for Explora connection is to mount your DStv satellite dish. It is on it that the smart LNB will be connected, and you should thus do it correctly.

When you purchase your DStv decoder, you will receive a mount to attach the dish. Furthermore, ensure your dish is mounted in the correct position and away from buildings and trees.

Once the mount is placed, proceed to attach the satellite dish and the smart LNB to it. When you are done with this, you can now proceed to set up the LNB cable for the Explora connection.

How to Connect DStv Explora LNB cables?

To sum up, making this connection is simple, and you won’t need the help of a DStv expert. All you need is a basic understanding of the DStv connection, and it can be made easier with an installation diagram. On your smart LNB, connect an RG6 cable.

There is a port marked “Unicable In,” and it is easy to spot. The ports are also designed to fit the cables perfectly, making them very simple.

LNB cable for Explora

You can now direct the other end of the RG6 cable to the back of your decoder. Ensure your cable is held together using cable clips to prevent it from wearing out.

The final step in the LNB cable for Explora connection is inserting the cable into the Unicable In port on your decoder.

You can now run the installation wizard and begin enjoying the great programming.